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Packers and Movers Chennai Charges | Learn How to Get the Best Rates

Packers and Movers Chennai Charges

Instead of packing all house things by yourself and booking a pair of men and a truck to shift them, you'll be able to rent skilled moving corporations who offer best services at cheap costs. However, since there area unit several packers and movers in Chennai and their charges vary considerably, it may be confusing whereas deciding to rent a specific one. Knowing the common packers and movers city charges beforehand can assist you perceive what quantity cash are needed for relocating and conjointly confirm you don’t pay unnecessarily high costs.

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Household Shifting Charges

Our packers and movers in local chennai assist you move expeditiously from one place to a different among town and also the average Chennai packers and movers rates for native shifting area unit some Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000. The Packers and movers Chennai costs to relocate to a very completely different town with the assistance of reliable domestic moving corporations in Chennai can vary looking on the gap to the destination.
For a a lot of elaborate commonplace list for packers and movers among Chennai charges and packers and movers charges from Chennai to different cities, have a glance at the tables below:

Local Shifting Charges

House Size 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK 4 BHK Few Home Goods
Packing Charges Rs 2000 – 2800 Rs 3000 – 4500 Rs 3500 – 6500 Rs 5000 – 8000 Rs 1500 – 1800
Transport Charges Rs 2000 – 3000 Rs 3000 – 5000 Rs 4000 – 7000 Rs 6000 – 9000 Rs 2000 – 2600
Labor Charges Rs 1000 – 1200 Rs 2000 – 2500 Rs 2500 – 3500 Rs 3000 – 4000 Rs 500 – 600
Approx Total Cost Rs 5000 – 8000 Rs 8000 – 12000 Rs 10000 – 17000 Rs 14000 – 21000 Rs 4000 – 5000

Factors Affecting Local Shifting Charges

1. Quantity and volume of household goods – Transportation Charges

Quantity and volume of products can in the main decide the packers and movers Chennai listing as a result of the amount of things that must be stirred can confirm the sort of truck needed for transporting them to the destination. Packers and movers charges per metric linear unit can depend on the transport vehicle accustomed match all the products well and move them safely to the destination..

The various trucks on the market vary from Tata Ace to 19 feet truck and also the goods transportation charges can vary from Rs 1000 – Rs 6000.

House Size Transportation Charges
1 BHK Rs 2000 – 3000
2 BHK Rs 3000 – 5000
3 BHK Rs 4000 – 7000
4 BHK Rs 6000 – 9000
Few Home Goods Rs 2000 – 2600

2. Packing material – Packing charges

During native shifting, things have to be compelled to yield a brief distance, and also the probabilities of harm area unit lowest. Therefore, careful packing is finished just for the delicate and electronic things, customary packing is followed for the article of furniture and appliances, and basic packing is finished for the regular home items like garments, kitchen utensil, etc.

So, the sophistication of items will also affect the packing services cost and depending on the quality and quantity of packing material needed, and the packing charges may vary from Rs 1000 – Rs 5000 depending on the size of the 1bhk, 2bhk or 3bhk house.

House Size Packing Charges
1 BHK Rs 2000 – 2800
2 BHK Rs 3000 – 4500
3 BHK Rs 3500 – 6500
4 BHK Rs 5000 – 8000
Few Home Goods Rs 1500 – 1800

3. Manpower – Labor charges

The cost of native movers also will embody the amount of individuals who pack, load, move, unload and withdraw all of your things. skilled packers and movers can typically charge Rs 500 – Rs 600 per person The work force needed for home shifting and their rates are as follows:

House Size Manpower Required Labor Charges
1 BHK 2 Men Rs 1000 – 1200
2 BHK 4 Men Rs 2000 – 2500
3 BHK 5 Men Rs 2500 – 3000
4 BHK 6 – 7 Men Rs 3500 – 4500
Few Home Goods 1 Men Rs 500 – 600

4. Additional Services – Optional add-on charges

Disassembly and assembly of electronic things are typically not performed by the packers and movers. However, if you need these services, they will build various arrangements for an equivalent or do the specified service at further prices. These charges can dissent in step with the kind of kit they need to dismantle or re-assemble, as follows:

Electronic Items Charges
LCD (Mounting in the new home) Rs 400 – Rs 750
AC (Disassembly and assembly) Rs 1200 – Rs 2500
Geyser (Mounting in new home) Rs 400 – Rs 650

5. Physical Effort – Additional charges

The amount of physical effort involved during loading and unloading of goods will be considered as:

  • If the distance from the door to the truck is more than 100 meters;
  • If the goods have to be shifted from a higher floor, and the lift is not available in the building;
  • If roping is required to move certain things into or out of the house;

In such cases, additional charges vary around Rs 500 – Rs 1500 will be added depending on the amount of activity required to complete that work.

Domestic Home Relocation Rates

From Chennai to/ House 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Few Home Goods
Bangalore Rs 11000 – 13000 Rs 13000 – 17000 Rs 15000 – 20000 Rs 5000 – 7000
Mumbai Rs 15000 – 21000 Rs 19000 – 27000 Rs 23000 – 30000 Rs 8000 – 10000
Pune Rs 15000 – 20000 Rs 18000 – 25000 Rs 22000 – 29000 Rs 8000 – 10000
Hyderabad Rs 12000 – 150000 Rs 15000 – 20000 Rs 17000 – 23000 Rs 6000 – 8000
Delhi NCR Rs 20000 – 27000 Rs 25000 – 35000 Rs 30000 – 40000 Rs 10000 – 13000
Kolkata Rs 16000 – 23000 Rs 20000 – 30000 Rs 25000 – 35000 Rs 9000 – 11000

Factors Affecting Domestic Relocation Costs

1. Distance

One of the main deciding factors of long-distance moving companies prices is the distance over which the goods have to be moved. The greater the distance, the higher the costs will be.

The city to which you are shifting will also affect your moving expenses.

2. Vehicle type – Transportation charges

The long-distance moving cost will also depend on the type of vehicle you require or choose to shift your goods in.

  • Shared truck – your belongings will be transported in a truck which is shared between 2 – 3 households. Although the delivery time may be later than usual, the prices will be much lesser. Your transportation charges will be calculated according to the amount of space or volume of the truck that is taken up by your goods.
  • Dedicated truck – you can also opt to book for a dedicated vehicle for shifting just your household goods. With a single truck transporting your items, the delivery time will be much quicker. The additional cost for a single truck will be around Rs 5000 – Rs 15000 more, based on the size of the house you’re moving and also the distance to be covered.

3. Packing material – Packing charges

House shifting charges will also include the price for packing material to ensure full protection during transit since the items have to travel over a long distance. Quantity and volume of goods also play a significant role in determining the packers and movers Chennai cost for packing all the items.

Packing of ordinary household product can price anyplace between Rs 3000 – Rs 10000 counting on the quantity of things, and just in case of special or delicate things, the costs will add up to Rs 10000 extra packing charges.

4. Labor charges

Depending on the force and quantity of effort concerned in finishing the packing and moving method for inter-city shifting, the labor charges are going to be enclosed on the common value of packing and moving your home goods with complete safety.

The minimal price that professional movers charge is Rs 700 – Rs 800 per person for packing, loading, and unloading.

5. Unpacking – Additional charges

During domestic relocation, unpacking of the delivered product at the destination isn't done and can be provided at additional charges if needed by you. the extra services like unpacking, disassembly, assembly and home-arrangement can raise the typical moving prices.

According to the size of the house and the charges for unpacking home goods will range from Rs 1000 – Rs 3000.

6. Insurance – Optional charges

Although it’s elective, taking insurance on social unit goods to confirm complete safety whereas shifting them in and out of the homes, and through transit could be a higher possibility. notwithstanding not on the complete home merchandise, taking insurance a minimum of on valuable things or delicate things is extremely best.

The cost of insurance will be 3% of the total declared value of your goods.

7. Storage/Warehouse – Optional charges

Your household merchandise may be hold on within the warehouse provided by the moving and storage corporations for as long as needed charged on a usual. Make sure that an entire inventory of the products in storage is maintained and that they will offer correct security arrangements for a similar.

Although not all the movers, most of them will provide 15 days of free storage and begin charging a minimum price of Rs 150 – Rs 350 per day for the additional days as needed.

Bike and Car Shifting Charges

From Chennai to/ Vehicle 2 Wheeler 4 Wheeler
Bangalore Rs 2000 – 4000 Rs 5000 – 7000
Mumbai Rs 4000 – 7000 Rs 8000 – 10000
Pune Rs 5000 – 8000 Rs 9000 – 11000
Hyderabad Rs 3000 – 5000 Rs 6000 – 8000
Delhi NCR Rs 6000 – 10000 Rs 10000 – 14000
Kolkata Rs 5000 – 9000 Rs 9000 – 12000

Factors influencing Bike and Car Shifting Charges

  • Size of the vehicle – packing and moving charges to maneuver a regular sized bike or automobile are smallest, car an even bigger or top-end model automobile or a significant sports bike can incur higher costs because of the upper level of protecting packing needed.
  • Insurance – taking insurance on the vehicle might increase the value of the moving value from state to state, and you'll be able to simply claim losses just in case the car or bike is broken.
  • Distance – the origin to destination distance over that the vehicle should be shifted will have an effect on the bike or car movers and packers charges.

Office Shifting Charges

Local Office Shifting Charges

Office Capacity Charges
Micro Office (6 people capacity) 6000 – 10000
Small Office (20 people capacity) 10000 – 18000
Medium Office (50 people capacity) 20000 – 35000
Standard Office (100 people capacity) 45000 – 80000
Corporate Office (>100 people capacity) Contact for pricing

Factors Affecting Office Shifting Charges within the city

  • Cost of packing and moving the entire office will depend on the number of office goods.
  • Also, the kind of office things to be shifted like piece of furniture, computers, network instrumentality, storeroom things, etc. could be a huge influencer of the company packers and movers charges chennai.
  • The distance over that the operating system is to be shifted are going to be thought-about whereas conniving the city packers and movers value estimate.

Domestic Office Moving Prices

From Chennai/ Office Capacity Micro Office (6 people capacity) Small Office (20 people capacity) Medium Office (50 people capacity)
Up to 400 Km Rs 8000 – 13000 Rs 12000 – 22000 Rs 24000 – 45000
Up to 800 Km Rs 12000 – 19000 Rs 17000 – 30000 Rs 35000 – 65000
Up to 1200 Km Rs 20000 – 31000 Rs 28000 – 49000 Rs 57000 – 105000
Up to 1600 Km Rs 36000 – 56000 Rs 50000 – 89000 Rs 103000 - 190000
Up to 2000 Km Contact for pricing Contact for pricing Contact for pricing

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